Talos Art Foundry is proud to be a part of the unique community of arts businesses based at Project Workshops.

We provide a complete sculpture casting service for professional and amateur artists and have a growing list of corporate and private clients. The foundry casts in traditional LG3 gunmetal bronze, modern silicon bronze or silver and can accommodate projects from 1 to 1,000 kilos.

Talos Art Foundry casts bronze sculpture using the lost wax technique (cire perdue) method. Lost wax casting was first used by the Ancient Egyptians around 2500BC and the technique remains largely unchanged.

We also offer a complete sculpture installation service, and can assist with the restoration, renovation or repair of bronze sculptures which have been damaged through time, accident or vandalism. 

The Talos Art Foundry is always prepared to rise to the challenge of difficult or demanding projects, however large or small, and takes pride in fulfilling the artist’s brief, however unusual.


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